Saving Comparisons for Archival or Team Collaboration

Merge makes it possible to create a single-file archive of an active file or folder comparison. Such saved comparisons include all the information needed to reproduce the comparison, even on a different machine. Saved comparisons are therefore ideal for archiving, or for emailing to colleagues for review or comment. (Creating an HTML comparison report may be something to consider as an alternative to saving a comparison.)

Information Saved comparisons include any bookmarks and associated comments that you have created. Before emailing a saved comparison to colleagues for review, bookmarks can therefore be used to annotate the comparison with questions, or to indicate areas needing particular attention. For information about creating bookmarks and comments, see the Bookmarks and comments section in the Comparing Text Files (or Typed/Pasted Text) and Comparing Folders topics.

To save the contents of an active file or folder comparison window, select the FileSave AsSave Comparison As… menu item. You can then later re-open the comparison by selecting the FileOpenOpen Saved Comparison… menu item.

Warning Saved comparisons created with Merge for Windows can be opened with Merge for macOS, but not vice versa.