Merge provides syntax-based colouring for several commonly-used programming languages and text file formats. The controls on this settings page enable you to enable or disable syntax highlighting and to customize the colours used for syntactic elements in these languages and file formats.

Information Separate colour settings are stored for the light and dark user-interface modes. This makes it possible to customize colours suitably for each mode and switch between them at will.

Use syntax highlighting for recognized file types

Check this box to enable syntax highlighting within relevant compared text files.

Syntactic element list

This control contains a list of the languages that support syntax highlighting and their syntactic elements. Expand a language in the list if you would like to change the colours used for its syntactic elements.

Selected element colour

This control can be used to change the colour for the selected syntactic element.


If there isn’t a suitable highlighter in the Syntactic element list for the files you are working on, click this button to add or edit settings for the generic parser, which is capable of providing syntax highlighting for most text file types.

Reset to Defaults

Use this button to reset all syntax highlighting colours to their defaults.