Folder Comparison Statistics

Statistics for a folder comparison can be seen by clicking the Statistics toolbar button. You can also select the ViewComparison Statistics… menu item, or press Cmd+Y. Statistics are also included within HTML folder comparison reports.

Understanding the statistics

Folder comparison summary tables display two different types of information. The amount of information displayed in the tables depends on the options that have been configured for folder comparisons. In particular, metrics relating to the content of files within the folder comparison will only be available when the option to compare File content (using file comparison rules) is checked. In addition, if you have configured Merge to perform byte-by-byte comparisons for large files, then statistics for those large files will not be included in the figures.

The first table shows information relating to the folder comparison. This information includes the number of files that are unchanged, changed, inserted, or removed between the compared folders. When thorough file comparisons are performed by the folder comparison, the number of lines in each type of unchanged, changed, inserted, or removed file are shown.

Between Folders 1 and 2
No unchanged files
246971 lines in
429 pairs of changed files
39425 lines in
225 inserted files
25677 lines in
104 removed files

In the table above, the second row shows that 429 files have been changed between the two compared folders. Within those 429 files, there is a total of 246971 lines of text. This latter figure is not the number of changed lines - that information is contained within the second table.

The second table shows information relating to the content of inserted, removed, and changed files within the folder comparison. Each row in the table represents a type of change between the compared files. The column shows the total number of lines and blocks of lines affected by each type of change.

Description Between Folders 1 and 2
Lines (Folder 1) Lines (Folder 2) Lines (Total) Text Blocks
Unchanged 136006 136006 272012 13534
Changed 9501 9307 18808 8526
Inserted 0 7265 7265 1001
Removed 8214 0 8214 1102

It is important to note that the figures in this table are totals for all files. The inserted and removed counts include both inserted and removed lines from changed files, and also lines from inserted and removed files.

When comparison statistics are generated for three-way folder comparisons, there may be additional table columns and additional tables. These columns and tables show the changes for each pair of adjacent folders, and in the case of the first table, the changes relative to the central Common Ancestor folder.