Use the table on this settings page to provide user name and password information for accessing Perforce and Subversion repositories. All passwords are stored securely in your macOS keychain.

For more information about accessing Perforce and Subversion repositories, see the Perforce File System Plugin (Deprecated) and Subversion File System Plugin topics.

To provide anonymous access to a Subversion server, add an entry to the table for the server with a blank User name and Password.

Column Description
Server The hostname of the Perforce server (together with the Perforce port), or the hostname of the Subversion server (without any protocol or path), to which you want to connect. For example: (Subversion), or (Perforce). An IP address may also be provided instead of a hostname, e.g. (Perforce), or (Subversion).
User name The user name to use when connecting to the server. Leave blank for anonymous access to a Subversion server.
Password The password to use when connecting to the server. Leave blank for anonymous access to a Subversion server.
Default For If a Perforce URI is specified that does not specify a server, username or password (e.g. p4://depot/folder/file.txt), Merge will use the first credential entry marked as the default for Perforce to provide the required information.

Credentials and the Versions button

Merge uses the entries in the credentials table when endeavouring to populate the file and folder comparison Versions button versions menu in the following situations:

  • When a Perforce or Subversion URI is specified in a file or folder comparison and that URI does not include a user name and password or server information, or when * is provided as a password placeholder.
  • When a file or folder that is in a local client workspace for a Perforce or Subversion repository is specified in a file or folder comparison.

For more information about the Versions button, see Comparing Text Files (or Typed/Pasted Text).

Using credentials to supply a placeholder password

It is possible to use * as a password placeholder with both Perforce and Subversion URIs. This prevents passwords appearing visibly on the screen in the URI.

For example, if the URI p4://jrs:* were used in a file comparison, the credentials list would be checked for an entry containing a server and a user name jrs. The password from that entry would then be used to make the connection.