This settings page configures various aspects of behaviour of the Merge application.

When Merge starts, open an empty

These controls enable you to specify what type of window Merge opens when it starts. Choose the desired type from the four settings.

Open new comparisons in a tab

Check this setting if you prefer new comparisons to open within a tabbed window rather than in a separate window. You can subsequently move a tab into its own window by right-clicking on the tab and selecting the Move Tab to a New Window command.

Open new tabs on the right (rather than left)

Check this setting if you prefer new tabs to open on the right of the tab strip rather than on the left.

Click within scroll bars to set position

When this setting is checked, clicking above or below the thumb within a comparison’s scroll bar will jump directly to the corresponding position, and Shift-click will jump up or down by a page. When this setting is unchecked, the behaviour is reversed.

Check online for product updates

Uncheck this setting if you prefer Merge not to check for new versions of itself on the Araxis website each time you start Merge.

Reset Settings

This button resets all Merge settings to their initial, default values. History lists are also cleared.

This operation cannot be undone, so you may wish to save a copy of your current settings using the Save… button at the bottom of the window.