This settings page configures editing in text comparisons.

Tab key inserts tab character instead of cycling focus

This setting alters the behaviour of the Tab key in the file editing panels.

  • If checked the Tab key will insert a tab character into the editing panel or, if a selection is set, Tab and Shift+Tab will indent and un-indent the selection, respectively.
  • If unchecked the Tab key will cycle focus around the controls in the file comparison window.

In either case,Cmd+] and Cmd+[ can be used to indent and un-indent the selection.

Show tabs using # spaces

Check this setting and fill in the entry field if you want Merge to expand tab characters to spaces within compared files. This only affects how the files are displayed; the original tab characters are preserved when merged files are saved.

Indent/un-indent by # tabs/spaces

This setting specifies the number of tabs/spaces by which text will be indented or un-indented when you select some lines and press Cmd+] or Cmd+[ in a file editing panel.