Fonts and Colours

The controls on this page are used to configure the appearance of text in folder comparison windows.

Customize folder comparison fonts and colours

By default, Merge uses a combination of the current Windows colour scheme and colours from the file comparison Fonts and Colours options page in the folder comparison window. If you want to customize any of the fonts and colours used in the folder comparison results list (and its print-outs), check this option.

Text preview

The text previews show how unchanged, inserted, removed, and changed files will look in folder comparison windows.


Click on one of the drop-down colour selection buttons in this group to change the background colour for a file type. Click the More button within the drop-down to access a larger range of colours.


The buttons in this group enable you to change the font and foreground colour for each type of file state that can be displayed in file comparison windows.

Default background colour

Click to change the background colour used for empty areas of the folder comparison results list.