Use this window to replace instances of a piece of text. Enter the search text into the Find what field. Enter the replacement text into the Replace with field. Select the Replace button to replace the selected text in the window with the replacement text. Select the Replace All button to replace all instances of the search text with the replacement text. The Selection and Whole file radio-buttons can be used to modify the range within which the search and replace operation is carried out.

Find what:

Enter the search text into this field, or choose a previous search text from the drop-down list.

Replace with:

Enter the text to replace the search text with into this field, or select an entry in the drop-down list box.

Match case

Check this option to make the search case-sensitive.

Match whole word

Select this option if you want the search text to only match complete words.

Search current document

Select this option to enable the search and replace operation to cover the entire document.

Search selection only

Select this option to restrict the search and replace scope to the selected portion of the document. This option is disabled when there is no selection within the document.