The Options Dialog

The options dialog, opened from the Options ribbon menu, enables you to configure Merge to operate in the way you require.

A tree hierarchy on the left-hand side of the dialog breaks the available options into groups. Each item in the tree corresponds to a page of options. Click an item in the tree to display that page of options.

The right-hand side of the window shows options for the selected item in the hierarchy. The Help button at the bottom of the window will open comprehensive online help.

Saving options

Merge options can be saved and loaded using the icons at the bottom-left of the options dialog.

Merge options can be saved in several different formats:

File extension Description
*.merge-options-json Stores all Merge options. This is the recommended format. Works with Merge for Windows 2019 and later.
*.mop7, *.MergeOptions7 Legacy format for use with Merge 2018.5059 and earlier.

Warning Options saved with Merge v6.5 cannot be opened with Merge 2007 and later, and vice versa. This is due to changes required to support 64-bit processor architectures.