Printing Folder Comparisons

Commands in the Application menu Print… (Merge 2020 and later) or FilePrint… (Merge 2019 or earlier) submenu enable you to preview or print a hard copy of the folders displayed within the folder comparison tab.

Optimizing printed pages

For best results, use the Application menu Print…Printer setup… (Merge 2020 and later) or FilePrintPrinter setup… (Merge 2019 or earlier) command to set the page orientation to Landscape before printing.

The Print… dialog contains a number of options that you can use to improve the appearance of your hard copies. In particular, the Scale text by option is useful for fitting more text on to the page.


Merge attempts to use the same colours and fonts in printouts that you see on the screen. If you a printing to a black and white printer, colours will usually (depending on your printer and printer driver) be converted to grey-scales. Some colours that work well on screen may be too faint to read when printed in this way.

Printer drivers vary a great deal in speed and quality. If the printed output generated by Merge looks worse on one printer than on another, you may need to download and install updated printer drivers from the printer’s manufacturer.