The controls on this options page enable you to configure the plugins that provide access to the various types of file system supported by Merge.

Use passive FTP

Instructs the FTP plugin to use a passive connection to the FTP server. This option is most appropriate when the FTP server is located on the other side of a firewall.

Assume FTP servers use UTF-8 character encoding

Some FTP servers (e.g. FileZilla) can encode filenames using UTF-8 character encoding. Check this option when accessing such servers if filenames containing Unicode characters are not displayed correctly.

Uncheck this option when accessing other FTP servers (e.g. IIS) that do not work properly with this option checked.

Don’t use Internet Explorer’s proxy settings

The FTP plugin will by default use Internet Explorer’s proxy configuration. If you would prefer Merge to use different proxy settings to Internet Explorer, check this option and enter the name of the proxy server into the field below.

Proxy server

Enter the name of the proxy server that you would like to use into this field.

Proxy bypass list

If there are FTP servers that you would like to connect to directly (bypassing the proxy server), enter their names into this field. Use a comma to separate host names. Use <local> to bypass the proxy server when connecting to local FTP servers (their host names do not contain a dot).