The controls on this options page can be used to configure additional options for the folder comparison window.

Show the Changes columns

Check this option to turn on the Changes column in folder comparison windows. The column is used to display the number of differences between files when performing thorough comparisons between files.

Show line counts instead of block counts in change columns

Merge usually shows the number of blocks of changed, inserted, or removed lines in the Changes column. Check this option to show the total number of changed, inserted, and removed lines instead.

Show Unicode code points alongside file and folder names

Check this option to show the Unicode code points of the characters in file and folder names. This can help determine why names differ when they appear to be composed of identical characters.

Display copy files window

Check this option if you want the Copy Files window to be displayed when copying files between folder trees. The window enables you to modify the path to which files and folders will be copied.

Prompt before replacing files

Check this option if you wish to be warned before overwriting existing files when copying files between folder trees. If the option is checked, you will be prompted before overwriting an existing file. Otherwise, target files will be silently overwritten. Uncheck this option only with care. Other problems encountered when copying files, such as a read-only target file, will still cause a prompt to be displayed.