FolderComparisonResult Enumeration

This enumeration defines constants for the various possible results of a folder comparison. These constants are bit masks and different values may therefore be combined with a bitwise AND operation when testing a result. You can use the numeric values from scripting languages that do not have access to the symbolic enumeration constants.

Constant Value Description
flcrNoError 0x0000 (0) No error occurred during the folder comparison operation.
flcrError 0x0001 (1) An error occurred during the folder comparison operation.
flcrFirstFolderNotFound 0x0002 (2) The first folder couldn’t be found. This is most likely because it doesn’t exist. Other causes may include insufficient rights to access the folder.
flcrSecondFolderNotFound 0x0004 (4) The second folder couldn’t be found.
flcrThirdFolderNotFound 0x0008 (8) The third folder couldn’t be found.