Instant overview of folder comparison and sync

Hover over or touch the red circles to discover features. A file comparison instant overview is also available.

Information Only two-way comparison/sync is shown. The Professional Edition of Merge also supports three-way comparison and sync.

Overview of folder comparison and synchronization

Application menu

This menu includes commands to print comparisons, save them, save your entire workspace, view the About dialog, and more.

Versions button

This button displays a list of any other available versions of a folder (e.g. from a supported version control system repository or your local file system). You can open the same folder in both the left and right comparison panes, then use this button to compare a folder hierarchy with an earlier revision of itself.

Report button

Click this button to create a report of the folder comparison in HTML, HTML slideshow or XML format. HTML reports are particularly useful for archiving and distribution.

A folder comparison report can optionally include file comparison reports for some or all of the files involved in the folder comparison. Thus, it is possible in one operation to generate a report that is a complete record of all the differences in all of files involved in a folder comparison. This is especially useful for code review and audit.

Copy selected button

Click this button to display a menu that enables you merge folders by copying the selected files from one folder tree to another. You may also copy selected files to an alternative destination.

Launch comparisons button

Click this button to open a new comparison tab for each selected row of files or folders.

Three-way comparison buttonProfessional

Click this ribbon button to change to a three-way folder comparison view.

Two-way with file comparison button

Use this button (or the three-way one next to it on the Professional Edition) to split the display horizontally, with a file comparison shown beneath the folder comparison. Click on a row in the folder comparison to compare that row’s files in the file comparison below.

Select changed command

This selects all the pairs (or triplets, for three-way folder comparisons) of changed files. Choose this followed by Launch comparisons as a quick way to open file comparisons for every pair of changed files.

Browse for folder button

Click this button to browse for a particular folder, or choose a folder you have previously used from the adjacent drop-down list. Alternatively, type a folder path directly into the entry field, or drag and drop a folder from Windows File Explorer.

Column separator

Drag column separators in the header area to change column widths.

Inserted file

This file is present only in the right folder hierarchy. This is indicated by the background colour and the absence of an adjacent file in the left folder hierarchy.

Changed file

Changed pairs of files are indicated by a particular background colour. The icon of the most recently changed file of each pair is adorned with a small red dot.

Overview marks

These marks within the scroll bar area give an immediate idea of the extent of the differences between the folder hierarchies being compared. Each colour-coded mark on the strip represents a change. Click an overview mark to jump directly to the corresponding change.

Context menu (not shown)

Right-click the folder comparison window to display a context menu containing shortcuts to useful features. The Windows File Explorer context menu for the selected files is also available from this menu.

Selected files

You can select multiple pairs (or triplets, for three-way comparisons) of changed files and then choose Launch comparisons to open file comparisons for them all.

Change count

If enabled from the options menu, the change count column indicates the number of changes between each pair of files.

Collapse folder

You can collapse folders in which you are not interested by clicking the button the left of the folder icon. Click again to expand.

Select… command

This command selects file and folder rows according to criteria you specify.

Removed file

This file is present only in the left folder hierarchy. This is indicated by the background colour and the absence of an adjacent file in the right folder hierarchy.

Status bar (including change summary)

The status bar shows the count of the various types of change between the folder hierarchies being compared.

Automatic merge to common ancestor button Professional

Click this button to merge non-conflicting changes in the selected rows automatically from the left and right folder hierarchies into the centre common ancestor hierarchy of a three-way comparison.

Previous/next change buttons

Use these buttons to jump quickly between each change in the folder hierarchies.

Hide ribbon button

Click this button to hide the ribbon and increase the amount of screen space available for comparisons.