Copy Files and Folders

This window enables you to copy a set of files to a new location.

Destination path

This field contains the path to the destination folder. The files and folders displayed within the list below this entry field will be copied to the destination folder.

File list

The file list shows the files and folders that were selected in the folder comparison window. Their current location is displayed in the Source column, relative to the folder structure from which they are being copied. The path to which the files will be copied is displayed in the Destination column. It is automatically updated as you modify the contents of the Destination path field.

When files or folders are copied from one hierarchy to another, their relative positions within the hierarchies are preserved. For example, if two folders c:\old-docs and c:\docs are compared, and a file meetings\010298.txt is copied with the Copy From First command, the file list will contain an entry meetings\010298.txt. When the OK button is clicked, the file will be copied to c:\docs\meetings\010298.txt.

If a folder is included in the list for copying, the folder and everything that it contains will be copied.