Open Folder URL

Use this window to choose a folder URL to compare in the folder comparison window.


Enter the URL of the folder that you wish to open. You can choose a recently used URL from the drop-down list.

URL Description
C:\some\path Local Windows paths can be specified.
\\some-host\share\path UNC paths can be used to specify folders on network shares. This example specifies a file file.txt on the share at \\some-host\share\path\. Folders on FTP servers can be specified. This example specifies a folder some/folder on the FTP server The absence of a user name and password in the URL means that Merge will use the user name and password for the server configured on the Credentials options page. For anonymous access to an FTP server, create an entry on the Credentials page with the user name anonymous and your email address as the password. For further information, see FTP File System Plugin.