IFileSystemItemIcon Interface

This interface is implemented by a file system item component to provide icon information to Merge.



Provides a handle to an Image List (HIMAGELIST) and an index into the image list. The image list is assumed to contain images of up to 17x17 pixels in size. The property should return low or high-colour images based on the colour depth supported by the user’s primary display.

IDL [propget] HRESULT IconImageListInfo(
    [in] VARIANT_BOOL bOpenAspect,
    [out] long* pImageListIndex,
    [out, retval] void** pValue)
.NET void* get_IconImageListInfo(
    Boolean bOpenAspect,
    long* pImageListIndex)
  • bOpenAspect
    For folders, this argument determines whether an open or closed version of the folder icon should be returned. For files, this argument has no meaning.
  • pImageListIndex
    An output parameter that is to receive the index of the image within the image list. Indexes are based at 0, not 1.