The controls on this page are used to configure the behaviour and appearance of text comparison windows.

Show line numbers and byte offsets

When this option is checked, Merge will display line numbers or byte offsets at the left of each file panel.

Indicate where changes are concealed at line ends

Check this option to have Merge display an indicator at the end of each line that contains changes located off the right-hand edge of the visible portion of the line.

Show CR and LF characters

When this option is checked, Merge will show the trailing Carriage Return and/or Line Feed characters at the end of each line. This is purely a visual option, and does not affect the line endings used when files are saved (you can choose those in the Save dialog).

Show whitespace characters

When this option is checked, Merge will show visible glyphs in place of space and tab characters.

Don’t show changes within lines

When this option is checked, Merge will highlight all the characters within a changed line.

Show simplified inline changes

Select this option to have Merge perform simple inline comparisons on changed lines. Characters from the first changed character to the last changed character are highlighted using the changed style. This option provides better performance than the detailed comparison option, at the expense of producing less detailed results.

Show detailed inline changes

This option is similar to Show simplified inline changes. It performs a detailed comparison on changed lines and highlights every inserted, removed, or changed character. Depending on the type of file being compared, this option can make file comparisons slower.

Changed sequences of characters are highlighted using the colours specified in the Fonts/Colours page in the preferences dialog.

Wrap long lines

Check this option to have Merge use multiple lines on the screen to display a long line of text.

Break lines at word boundaries

Check this option to wrap text at word boundaries instead of at the character nearest the edge.

Show only # lines of context around changes

Check this option to collapse sections of unchanged lines. The adjacent entry field can be used to specify how many lines should be shown at the top and bottom of the collapsed section to provide some context for the collapsed lines.

Break changes into individual lines

Check this option to break blocks of changed lines into individual lines so that they can then be merged one-by-one. This option is only available when the display of inline changes is enabled.