Keyboard Shortcuts

Key Description
Cmd++ Browse for a folder to scan.
Cmd+- Remove selected folders from the results.
Cmd+Backspace Move selected files to Trash.
Alt+Cmd+Backspace Move selected folders to Trash.
Cmd+ Expand the selected folders to reveal subfolders.
Cmd+ Collapse the selected folders to conceal subfolders.
Cmd+F Show currently selected files or folders in Finder.
Shift+Cmd+H Remove all folders from the results.
Cmd+N Open a new top-level application window.
Shift+Cmd+N Sort folders alphabetically in the left panel.
Cmd+Q Quit the application.
Cmd+R Rescan the selected folders.
Shift+Cmd+S Sort folders by size in the left panel.
Space or Cmd+Y View currently selected files or folders with Quick Look.