How to Delete Items from your iTunes Library

When you delete items from your iTunes library with Araxis Folder Size Explorer, be aware that iTunes will not automatically recognize that items have been deleted.

The following steps – tested with iTunes 11 – are therefore strongly recommended whenever you delete items from your iTunes library:

  • Backup your iTunes library. This step is essential – please do not skip it. Your music and other media files are important, and we’d hate for you to lose them. iTunes is not designed to cope with external applications like Araxis Folder Size Explorer deleting items from its database, so there is always a possibility that something might go wrong.
  • Make sure iTunes is not running. (To be certain, run iTunes and then press Cmd+Q to exit it.)
  • Start Araxis Folder Size Explorer.
  • Drag your iTunes folder (it is usually found in your Music folder) on to the left panel in Folder Size Explorer, and wait for the scan to complete.
  • Use Araxis Folder Size Explorer to move redundant iTunes files to Trash.
  • iTunes will still find files, even though they have been moved to the Trash. The Trash therefore needs to be emptied. In Finder, choose the FinderEmpty Trash… menu item.
  • Run iTunes.
  • If you attempt to play an item that has been deleted, iTunes will complain and display a small exclamation mark next to the item that it could not find. You can safely delete such items from within iTunes.