Araxis Merge Folder Comparison Report

Produced by Araxis Merge on Sat Apr 12 16:07:30 2003. See for information about Merge. This report uses XHTML and CSS2, and is best viewed with a reasonably standards compliant browser such as the latest version of Internet Explorer. For optimum results when printing this report, enable printing of background images and colours in your browser and use landscape orientation.

1. Folders compared


2. Summary for all files

DescriptionBetween Folders 1 and 2
Note: Figures marked * relate only to changed and unchanged files; lines in inserted and removed files are not counted.

3. Summary for selected files

No files were selected.

4. Comparison options

Comparison methodFiles smaller than 512 KB are compared using the configured comparison rules to determine whether they are identical; for larger files, only file timestamps and sizes (not the file contents) are compared
DepthOnly the files in the top level of the folders are compared
WhitespaceAll differences in whitespace within lines are ignored
Character caseDifferences in character case are significant
Line endingsDifferences in line endings (CR and LF characters) are ignored
Unchanged filesNot shown in the comparison detail
Timestamps and sizesNot shown in the comparison detail
Change countsShown in the comparison detail

5. Active regular expressions

No regular expressions were active.

6. Comparison detail

compare.dsp 2 compare.dsp  Report 1
compare.rc 0 compare.rc  Report 2
   compare.vcproj  Report 3
compareutil.cpp 11 compareutil.cpp  Report 4
compareutil.h 17 compareutil.h  Report 5
ReadMe.txt 0 ReadMe.txt  Report 6
resource.h 0 resource.h  Report 7
StdAfx.cpp 0 StdAfx.cpp  Report 8
StdAfx.h 0 StdAfx.h  Report 9