Araxis Merge File Comparison Report

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1. Files compared

# Location File Last Modified
1 C:\temp eustace1.txt Thu Oct 30 14:05:07 2014 UTC
2 C:\temp eustace2.txt Thu Oct 30 14:05:07 2014 UTC

2. Comparison summary

Description Between
Files 1 and 2
Text Blocks Lines
Unchanged 4 16
Changed 2 4
Inserted 1 3
Removed 1 4

3. Comparison options

Whitespace Consecutive whitespace is treated as a single space
Character case Differences in character case are significant
Line endings Differences in line endings (CR and LF characters) are ignored
CR/LF characters Not shown in the comparison detail

4. Active regular expressions

No regular expressions were active.

5. Comparison detail

1   Eustace, a  pointy-ea red hippop otamus, wa s   1   Eustace, a  pointy-ea red hippop otamus, wa s
2   scampering  across a  summer mea dow one da y   2   scampering  across a  summer mea dow one da y
3   when he su ddenly cam e across a  stream.   3   when he su ddenly cam e across a  stream.
4     4  
        5   Eustace al most fell  into the s tream, but
        6   skidded to  a halt ju st in time .
5   Sitting on  a rock in  the middl e of the   8   Sitting on  a rock in  the middl e of the
6   stream was  a small  gre e n  frog, bas king in th e   9   stream was  a small  blu e
 frog, bas king in th e
7   afternoon  sunshine.   10   afternoon  sunshine.
8     11  
9   "Hello sma ll  gre e n  frog!", s aid Eustac e. "What   12   "Hello sma ll  blu e
 frog!", s aid Eustac e. "What
10   are you do ing there? "   13   are you do ing there? "
12   Froggy did n't answer , so Eusta ce trod on  him        
13   and wander ed off int o the near by forest  to look        
14   for wild o nions.