Ketura Tour Step 10: Summary

There is much more to Ketura than can be described in a brief tour such as this, but you should now have a good overview of the product. In summary:

  • Ketura is a sophisticated application designed to help managers and their teams work productively.
  • Issues capture small-scale goals that need to be accomplished.
  • Tasks define the steps needed to resolve an issue.
  • Issues can be arranged into project milestones so that activity can be planned and scheduled to achieve significant goals.
  • Ketura provides a number of tools to monitor projects and milestones and keep them on track.
  • Ketura can give accurate schedule and cost estimates because it knows which users are available to work on each project and when.
  • Each user has their own Home Page in the system, with a personalized to-do list showing all the work assigned to them.
  • Sophisticated workflows can be created to guide issues from creation to completion.

What next?

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