Introductory Tour of Ketura

This tour gives a broad overview of Ketura’s capabilities and serves as an essential introduction to the product.

What is Ketura?

  • Screenshot showing the management page for a projectKetura is an application for Windows and Mac OS X. It helps you manage both simple and complex, changing projects and the teams that work on them.
  • It helps organizations and teams keep track of customer requests and other work issues, define what needs to be accomplished, develop projects and milestones based on those goals and then work according to those plans.
  • Ketura makes it easy for everyone to track the time they are spending on various activities. This helps people work efficiently, and gives managers detailed insight into the cost and timing of all work undertaken.
  • Ketura calculates on-the-fly how long your projects will take (and how much they will cost), taking into account the latest expectations of team members and the work undertaken thus far. This gives managers the critical information they need to keep projects on track.
  • Circumstances change, and so do your goals. Ketura therefore makes it easy to accommodate drastic change in project plans; it doesn’t require everything to be perfectly planned from the outset.

Who is it for?

  • Ketura is for managers and teams who need to organize and track their working time more efficiently, and for anyone attempting to deliver products or services (or a mixture of the two) on-time and within budget.
  • It is intended to be used by everyone involved in a project or other work activity: both managers and those undertaking the work being managed.
  • Ketura is carefully designed to make it easier for people to work productively, rather than getting in the way of their work.
  • Because it is so simple to use, Ketura can be used by the smallest teams, or even individuals managing and tracking their own work.

No-hassle deployment

  • The Ketura application is installed on a single computer on your local network. For a list of the requirements for a Ketura server machine, see Release Notes, System Requirements & History.
  • Users interact with Ketura over their local network using their web browsers, just as they would access any web site. For a list of web browsers that work with Ketura, see Release Notes, System Requirements & History.
  • Ketura is therefore very easy to install and use, even for larger teams.

How Ketura works

This diagram (PDF) shows how the different parts of Ketura fit together. Various elements in the diagram are explained later in this tour. You might like to print it out to keep handy as you continue the tour.

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