Add New Subtopic/version Page

This page allows you to add a new subtopic/version to a topic.


A subtopic/version further categorizes what an issue of a particular issue topic is about. On the Details tab of an issue page you can associate a subtopic/version with an issue via the Reported in and Fixed in fields, if these fields have been enabled.

Each topic can have a number of subtopics/versions. However, subtopics/versions may not be appropriate for some topics and, therefore, do not need to be defined.

For background information on subtopics/versions, see Ketura Tour Step 2: Issues.

This tab lets you add a new subtopic/version.

To create a new subtopic/version:
  • Complete the form. The field Subtopic/version name must be completed to create a new subtopic/version.
  • Click the Apply button.
To abandon the creation of the new subtopic/version:
  • Click the Cancel button.

Description of form fields

Subtopic/version name The name of the subtopic/version. For example a version number.
Description A brief description of the subtopic/version.