Add Issue Topic Page

This page allows you to create a new issue topic.

New topic details

Issue topics are used to identify what issues are about and therefore serve as a way to categorize issues.

This tab lets you create a new issue topic.

To create a new topic:
  • Complete the form. The Topic name field must be completed to create a topic.
  • Click the Apply button.
To abandon the creation of a new topic:
  • Click the Cancel button.

Description of form fields

Topic name The name of the topic. This must be unique, without regard to case. This name will appear in drop-down list boxes and therefore should be be in a short form.
Description A description of the topic.
Copy settings and workflow from The topic from where initial settings for the new topic are copied, or <none> if no initial settings are to be copied. Copied settings are:
  • Subtopics/versions including show Reported in and Fixed in state.
  • Workflow.
  • The automatic addition of new issues to a particular milestone.