Manage Workflow and Task Sets Page

This page lets you manage workflow and task sets.


This tab lists the milestone to which new issues of a topic will be added. Because what should happen to an issue once it is created depends largely on what the issue is about (that is, its topic), issue workflow is configured by topic.

To change the milestone to which new issues of a topic are added:
  • Change the selected milestone in the drop-down list boxes, then click the Apply button.
To abandon changes before you have applied them:
  • Click the Reset button. The fields will be restored to their previous values.
To view management information relating to a topic:
  • Click the name of a topic. This is a link to management information about the topic.
To configure the workflow of a topic:
  • Click the Configure Workflow link, in the ‘Workflow’ column of the table.
To make workflow of one or more topics the same as another topic:
  • Click the selection checkbox for each topic that you wish to modify, then click the Act On… button.

Description of table columns

Issue Topic

The name of the topic. If you have permission to view management information about the topic, this will be a link to that information.

New issues are added to milestone A drop-down list box containing the milestone to which new issues of the topic will be added.
Workflow If you have permission to configure the topic, a Configure Workflow link will be shown within square brackets, which you can follow to configure workflow of the topic.

Depending on your permissions, the last column in the table contains checkboxes that allow you to select one or more topics. You can select all the topics by clicking the checkbox in the column’s heading.

Task sets

Workflow can be used to define the tasks that must be completed for an issue to be resolved. This is done by specifying a set of tasks called Task sets that should be added to the issue when it enters a particular state. Each task in the task set can be assigned to a particular person by default, but can be reassigned if desired. For background information on workflow, see Ketura Tour Step 8: Workflow.

This tab shows the task sets available for workflow management.

To restrict the display of task sets to a particular category:
  • Select one of the categories in the Category drop-down.
To create a new task set:
  • Click the New… button.
To delete one or more task sets:
  • Select the task sets you wish to delete
  • Click the Delete button.

Information It is not possible to delete task sets that are associated with one or more states.

Description of table columns

Category/Task Set The id of the task set grouped by category. If you have permission to view task sets, the task set id will be a link to the task set.
Summary A description of the task set.
Selection A checkbox that, when checked, selects the task set. Selected entries are highlighted with a blue background. You can select all the entries in the current table page by clicking the checkbox in the column’s heading.

For help working with tables, see Tutorial 1: The Basics of Working with Ketura.