Add New Task Set Page

This page lets you create a new task set.

New task set details

Workflow can be used to define the tasks that must be completed for an issue to be resolved. This is done by specifying a set of tasks called Task sets that should be added to the issue when it enters a particular state. Each task in the task set can be assigned to a particular person by default, but can be reassigned if desired. For background information on workflow, see Ketura Tour Step 8: Workflow.

This tab lets you create new task sets.

To create a new task set:
  • Complete the form. The fields Category and Summary must be completed to create a new task set.
  • Click the Apply button.
To abandon the creation of the new task set:
  • Click the Cancel button.

Description of form fields

Category The category of the task set, used to group task sets.

A short summary of the task set, which must not be left blank.

For consistency:

  • Keep the summary to a single sentence.
  • Don’t place a full-stop at the end.
Notes A place to store useful information about the task set.