Add Tasks From Task Set Page

This page shows a table of task sets and their associated categories.

Task sets

This tab lets you add tasks from an existing task set to this task set.

To filter the list of task sets by category:
  • Select the category from the Category drop-down list box.
To add tasks from an existing task set:
  • Select the task set from which tasks are to be added using the radio buttons.
  • Click the Add From button.
To abandon the addition of tasks from an existing task set:
  • Click the Cancel button.
To view and modify task sets:
  • Click the Manage Workflow and Task Sets link that can be found on the top left of this tab.

Description of table columns

Category/Task Set The id of the task set grouped by category. If you have permission to view task sets, the task set id will be a link to the task set.
Summary A description of the task set.
Selection A radio button that, when clicked, selects the task set. Only one task set can be selected at a time.