Araxis Ketura Support and Upgrade Entitlement Policy

One year of support is included in the purchase price for new licences. This provides:

  • Entitlement to any upgrades (including major versions) of the product you have purchased that Araxis might release during your year of support.
  • One year of access to standard Araxis technical support services (use the contact form to obtain support);

Additional licence purchases will have the support/updates portion pro-rated to match the first purchase anniversary. This means that support for all your users will be due for renewal at the same time. Contact Araxis for a quotation if you wish to order additional licences.

Once your included period of support/updates has expired:

  • You can choose whether to renew support for another year.
  • Your current Ketura installation will remain fully-functional whether or not you renew.
  • You will need to renew if you wish to have continued access to new product updates and technical support.