Special Procedure for Upgrading From Older Ketura Releases to Ketura 2009.1587 or Later

To provide compatibility with OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, the database engine built into Ketura was changed in the 2009.1587 release. This change necessitates a special upgrade procedure when upgrading to this release (or a later one) from releases 2009.1568 (or earlier).

Warning You will not be able to access your data unless the upgrade procedure outlined below is followed. The upgrade procedure is the same for Ketura on both Windows and OS X.


  1. Make sure that no one is using your Ketura system.

  2. Upgrade your Ketura installation by performing the steps described in Upgrading to a Newer Version of Ketura.

    Warning It is essential that you do not skip the backup step.

  3. Log on to the new Ketura system using the admin account and the password you provided during installation or setup.

  4. If you were previously using the normal (as opposed to the example) database, switch to that. For more information, see The Example and Normal Databases.

  5. Restore your database from the backup you made in step 2 using the Manage Database Page.

  6. You may now log on using your usual credentials and continue using Ketura normally.