Add New Project Page

This page lets you add a new project.

New project details

This tab lets you create a new project. A project is a planned undertaking directed towards achieving a particular goal. In Ketura, projects comprise a sequence of milestones. For more information, see Ketura Tour Step 4: Projects and Milestones.

To create a new project:
  • Complete the form. The fields Project name and Planned start date must be completed to create a new project.
  • Click the Apply button.

Information Three new milestones are added to a new project automatically. You can delete or modify these if you wish. The milestones are:

  • O1 – Review New Issues. New issues relating to the project should be added here, ready for a project manager to review and schedule them. If most new issues of a particular issue topic will generally relate to the same project, you might want to configure the workflow for that issue topic so that new issues are automatically added to that project’s ‘O1 – Review New Issues’ milestone. The ‘O’ prefix (short for ’Ongoing’) to the milestone name is a suggested naming convention for milestones that are considered ongoing and likely never to complete. The ‘1’ simply indicates that this is the first such ongoing milestone within the project.
  • M1 – First Milestone. This is the first real (as opposed to ongoing) milestone of your project. You will probably want to rename this milestone to reflect your project’s first major goal. The ‘M’ prefix (short for ’Milestone’) to the milestone name is a suggested naming convention for your project’s main milestones. The ‘1’ indicates that this is the first such milestone within the project.
  • X1 – Deferred Issues. This milestone is intended to hold issues that it might be useful to undertake later on, but which you do not yet wish to schedule. You would generally make sure that all issues on this milestone are in an inactive state (such as ‘Deferred’), so that the project schedule is not pushed out by them. The ‘X’ prefix (indicating that this isn’t a genuine milestone) to the milestone name is a recommended naming convention for placeholder milestones that hold unscheduled issues like this. The ‘1’ indicates that this is the first such milestone within the project.
To abandon the creation of the new project:
  • Click the Cancel button.

Description of form fields

Project name The name of the project.
Planned start date The date when the project is expected to start. Ketura will not attempt to schedule any users’ time to the project before this date, even if it has been allocated to the project.
Make this project active The active state of the project. Only tasks from current milestones of active projects are scheduled and shown in users’ In progress and Pending task lists. The project is active if the box is checked.
Automatically create an issue topic and workflow for this project

Each new issue is filed about a particular topic. If you simply wish to categorize issues by project, you can leave this checkbox checked. A new topic will then be created with the same name as the project. The new topic will have its workflow configured to add new issues of that topic automatically to the project’s default ‘O1 – Review New Issues’ milestone. Note that a new topic will not be created if a topic already exists with the name of the new project.

If you wish to sub-categorize what issues within your project are about, or categorize them independently of the project to which they are assigned, you can manually create multiple topics, each with suitable workflow so that new issues of those topics are added to an appropriate project milestone. Even in this case, you might still find it helpful to have a new topic and workflow created for you automatically as a starting point for you to modify and use as a template for your other new topics.