Add Milestone Page

This page allows you to create a new milestone.

New milestone details

In Ketura, milestones represent significant stages in a project’s life. More information about milestones can be found at Ketura Tour Step 4: Projects and Milestones.

This tab lets you create a new milestone.

To create a new milestone:
  • Complete the form. The fields Name and Desired completion date must be completed to create a new milestone.
  • Click the Apply button.
To abandon the creation of a new milestone:
  • Click the Cancel button.

Description of form fields

Name The name of the milestone. This should be something short and descriptive, such as ‘First draft of marketing materials’. It is helpful to prefix the name by something such as ‘M1’ or ‘M2’ (to indicate the milestone’s position in the project), to make it easier to refer unambiguously to a particular milestone when conversing with your colleagues. Thus, the final name of the milestone might be ‘M1 – First draft of marketing materials’.
Desired completion date The date by which the project’s manager wishes the milestone to be completed. This is simply used as a point in time against which a project manager can measure a milestone’s expected and planned completion dates. It is shown on Gantt charts by an orange diamond.
Users start work on this milestone

This setting determines how Ketura calculates project schedules. If Together is chosen, then Ketura will calculate schedules based on the assumption that no users will begin work on the milestone until all the work has been completed on the previous milestone. Alternatively, if Separately is chosen, Ketura will calculate schedules assuming that each user with work on this milestone will start as soon as he or she has completed his or her work on the previous milestone.