Logging on to Ketura Using a Web Browser

A System Administrator user account, user id ‘admin’, is always created when Ketura is first setup. You can log on with this user id, using the password that you provided during setup.

Ketura is accessed using a web browser. For a list of web browsers that work with Ketura, please see Release Notes, System Requirements & History.

Logging on to Ketura from a machine on which Ketura has been installed

If you are in front of the computer on which Ketura has been installed, to open a browser window and automatically navigate to Ketura:

  • On Windows, select the Araxis Ketura 2012.1772 Home Page item under All Programs in the Windows Start menu.
  • On OS X, open the Araxis Ketura Manager application in the system Applications folder. On the Status tab, click the Browse to Ketura Using Safari button.

Accessing Ketura from web browsers on other machines on your local network

To access Ketura from a machine on your local network other than the one on which the Ketura server is installed, you need to know the URL of the Ketura server to type into your web browser’s address bar. To find this URL:

  • Log on to Ketura using the computer on which the Ketura server has been installed (see above).

  • Click the About Ketura link, at the bottom-right of any Ketura page, to go to the About Ketura tab of the Administration areas page.

  • The URL to type into the address browser on another computer to access the Ketura server is shown in the top line of the Product details table.

    On a Mac, this same URL is also shown on the Status tab of the Araxis Ketura Manager utility.

Information Ketura makes a ‘best guess’ at determining the URL to use to access Ketura from other computers. This guess is usually correct, but it does depend on your system’s configuration. If it doesn’t work, please contact your network administrator. The URL for accessing Ketura with a web browser is always of the form:



computer-name is the name (or IP address, if Ketura couldn’t determine the name) of the Ketura server machine on your local network, such as mycomputer or mycomputer.mycompany.com. You can also use the machine’s ip address or, if you only wish to access Ketura from the machine on which the Ketura server is installed, the special name localhost. If in doubt, please see your organization’s system or network administrator.
port is the port number that the Ketura setup program chose automatically during installation. This is nearly always 9453.

Bookmarking Ketura pages in your web browser

To avoid having to type the Ketura URL repeatedly, whenever you want to access Ketura, you can bookmark Ketura pages in your browser in exactly the same way as you would bookmark any web page.