Importing Data into Ketura

The recommended method of importing data into Ketura is to use Ketura’s API (Application Programming Interface). This makes it possible to write a script or program to import issues from, for example, an existing issue tracking system. The API could also be used to add issues to Ketura in response to someone completing a form on an intranet or public website. For details of the Ketura API, including examples of its use, see Web Service API Reference.

If your needs are not provided for by the API, it is still possible to import data by means of the Ketura database restore facility. For example, it would be possible to a create simple script to populate the XML in a Ketura database backup from information in an existing system. The process would go something like this:

  1. Perform a Ketura database backup.
  2. Unzip the backup .zip file.
  3. Run your script to tweak/populate the individual XML files with information from your existing system.
  4. Zip-up the results.
  5. Restore the Ketura database from the zipped, modified backup file.

The XML format for the backups was designed to be really simple to work with. Araxis is happy to answer any questions concerning Ketura that you have about this.