Groups Page

This page lists the groups in the system.

Group list

A group is a collection of users. Groups are granted permissions, and it is a user’s membership of a particular group that determines how he or she may use Ketura.

To create a group:
  • Click the New… button.
To modify an existing group:
  • Click the name of the group you wish to modify.
To delete existing groups:
  • Select the groups you wish to delete.
  • Click the Delete button.

Information It is not possible to delete the system-defined group named (originally) Administrators. It is also not possible to delete any groups that are currently associated with one or more users.

To change the sort order of the groups:
  • Click one of the column heading links. Each time you click the same link, the order in which groups are sorted will be reversed.

Description of table columns

Name The name of the group is a link to configure the group.
Description The description of the group.
Selection A checkbox that, when checked, selects the group. Selected entries are highlighted with a blue background. You can select all the entries in the current table page by clicking the checkbox in the column’s heading.

For help working with tables, see Tutorial 1: The Basics of Working with Ketura.