System Administration Page

This page provides access to system administration activities.

Administration areas

This tab provides access to the various activities that can be undertaken to administer the Ketura system.

Depending on your permissions, some activities might not be available to you.

About Ketura

This tab shows information about the version of Ketura that is installed and your licence to use it.

Ketura incorporates third-party software. The legal notices contain important information concerning this.

To view legal notices:
  • Click the View Legal Notices link that can be found in the top left of this tab.

Ketura itself is licensed software and may only be used in accordance with the terms of the End-User Licence Agreement.

To view the End-User Licence Agreement:
  • Click the View End-User Licence Agreement link that can be found in the top left of this tab.

Checking for newer versions of Ketura

From time to time, Araxis releases updated versions of Ketura. These typically contain bug fixes and/or enhancements. If you are the administrator of a Ketura system, you can check to see whether a newer version is available.

To see whether a newer version of Ketura is available:
  • Click the Check the Araxis Website for Newer Versions link, just above the Product details table. You will need to know the product version and build number displayed in that table.

Description of table rows

Other Users Can Access Ketura At This is Ketura’s best effort to determine the URL (web browser address) that should be used by other users on your network to access this installation of Ketura. If users cannot access Ketura using this address, please contact your network administrator for assistance.
Licence Type The type of licence (evaluation, full, etc) installed.
Licensed To The company, organization or person to whom the installed licence has been issued.
Product Version The version of the product installed. This is important to know when upgrading or requesting product support.
Build Timestamp The date and time when Araxis created this version of the product. Because a product has to undergo testing before being released, this might be some time before Araxis made the product available.
Database Schema Version The version of the database schema this installed product is using. This information is useful primarily for developers working with Ketura, in conjunction with the Database Structure documentation.


Each Ketura installation requires a licence file, issued by Araxis. Each customer of Ketura is issued a unique licence file which identifies the machine(s) upon which Ketura may be installed, the maximum allowed number of users, and so on. This tab shows details of the licence represented by the currently installed licence file. It also enables you to install a different licence file, should you have one.

Information Ketura stores your licence file in its database. Consequently, if you switch databases (for example, you if you change from using the example database, or if you restore a database), Ketura will start using the licence file stored in the new database. If, after changing databases, you find that Ketura is not using the correct licence file, you can simply re-install your licence file using this tab.

At the top of this tab there are links to view the End-User licence agreement for Ketura, to find more information on purchasing Ketura and to view information on product support.

To change the currently installed licence file
  • Click the Change Licence File… button.

Description table rows

Licence Id The unique identifier of the installed licence. When you contact Araxis you should quote this id to enable Araxis support staff to identify you.
Licence Type The type of licence (evaluation, full, etc) installed.
Licensed To The company, organization or person to whom the installed licence has been issued.
Licensed Hosts The identity of the machine(s) on which this Ketura licence may be used. This is typically a machine name (for example, ‘’), an IP address (for example, ‘’) or ‘Any’ if the product is permitted to run on any machine.
This Host The identity of the machine on which this Ketura licence is currently used. This will be an IP address of the machine and possibly the machine name (if accessible).
Licence Contact Email The email address(es) of those at your organization who are responsible for administering Ketura licences.
Licence Expires If an evaluation licence is installed, the last day upon which that evaluation can be used. Full, purchased, licences do not expire, so if one has been purchased and installed, this will be ‘Never’. Note that, even if the licence expires, Ketura will still function in a limited administrator-only mode. This means that you will still have access to any data already stored in Ketura.
Support Expires Araxis offers support to its customers for a period of time after purchase. During this period, any updates to Ketura released by Araxis are available free of charge to the customer. This field shows the date on which support expires. Ketura will continue to operate normally after support expires, but further product updates and technical assistance from Araxis will not be available unless support is renewed.
Number of Licensed Users The total number of active users (those that may log onto the system) who may use the product.