Change Licence Page

This page lets you change the licence.

Upload new license file

Each Ketura installation requires a licence file, issued by Araxis. Each customer of Ketura is issued a unique licence file which identifies the machine(s) upon which Ketura may be installed, the maximum allowed number of users, and so on. To install a different licence file follow the instructions below.

To change the licence:
  • Ensure that the licence file provided to you by Araxis has been saved on the hard disk of your local computer.
  • Enter the full path of the licence file in the Licence File text box;
  • Or, click the Browse… button or Choose File button and select the licence file.
  • Click the Apply button.
To abandon the change of licence:
  • Click the Cancel button.
To purchase Ketura to obtain a licence file:
  • Follow the Purchase Ketura to Obtain a Licence File link in the top left of this tab.

Description of form fields

Licence file The full path to the licence file on your local computer. This field must be completed to change the licence.