Audit Trail Page

This page lets you view the audit trail.

Audit trail

The audit trail is a historical record of activity within the system. Each entry records an event that occurred. An entry consists of a description, the date of occurrence and details of the user who caused the event to happen.

To restrict the display of events to a particular period:
  • Select one of the time periods (Today, Yesterday, This month, etc) in the For period drop-down. The From and To dates will be adjusted automatically.

  • Or, choose the From and To dates for the period you desire using the associated buttons or by manually entering in the dates, then click Apply. The For period drop-down will be adjusted automatically.

To restrict the display of entries to those caused by a particular user:
  • Select one of the users in the Created by drop-down.
To restrict the display of entries to those of a particular type:
  • Select one of the entry types in the Show entries of type drop-down.
To change the sort order of the audit trail:
  • Click the Time column heading link. The order in which entries are sorted will be reversed each time you do this.
To delete entries from the audit trail:
  • Click the Delete Events button.

    Information It is generally recommended that you do not delete audit trail entries unless you have a specific reason to do so, as there is no way subsequently to recover entries. If you do decided to delete entries, ensure that you no longer need the information before deleting it and consider taking a copy of the information before proceeding. For information on how to perform a backup see Backing Up a Ketura System.

Description of table columns

Time The time and date when the event occurred.
Description A description of the event. With a link to the item associated with the event.
User Id The id of the user who caused the event to happen. If you have permission to view users, the user id will be a link to the appropriate user.
Email The email address of the user who caused the event to happen. The email address is a link to create an email to the user.

For help working with tables, see Tutorial 1: The Basics of Working with Ketura.