Add New Issue State Page

This page lets you add a new issue state type.

New state details

Each Ketura issue has a state, which defines how far the issue has progressed in the workflow defined for it. Each state is either active (issues in the state are still outstanding) or inactive (issue in the state have been dealt with and no longer need to be considered). Typical states might include ‘New’, ‘Resolved’, ‘Rejected’, ‘In Progress’, etc.

This tab lets you create a new state type.

To create a new state type:
  • Complete the form. The field State name must be completed to create an state type.
  • Click the Apply button.
To abandon the creation of the new state type:
  • Click the Cancel button.

Description of form fields

State name A short name that will appear first in drop-down list boxes and other selection controls. It should be a concise name for the state type (for example, ‘In Progress’).
Description A longer description of the state type that provides an explanation (for example, ‘Issue fix is being developed’).
Is active When checked, this indicates that issues of this state are likely to need work performed on them. When unchecked, this indicates that issues of this state are likely to not need any more work performed on them. For scheduling purposes only issues in an active state are taken into account.