Build cohesive teams

Ketura is not just for project managers. It helps your whole team work together efficiently.

All team members:

  • Use your personalized pending and in-progress task lists to understand exactly what your project manager intends you to be working on.
  • Be involved in the project planning process by estimating the amount of work to be undertaken for tasks assigned to you.
  • Give feedback to project managers about the amount of work remaining that you expect for each task assigned to you. This helps project managers to understand changes in your expectations as soon as they happen and helps them become aware of potentially unrealistic project schedules.
  • Easily and quickly keep track of how much time you have spent on each task using the single-click timer.
  • See how many hours you have worked in a period of time, enabling you to manage your time effectively.

Support staff:

  • Never lose a customer suggestion, request or problem report.
  • Keep track of which customers are interested in an issue.
  • Understand who has done what and when in response to a particular issue.
  • Give customers the latest information by checking the status of particular issues.

Billing administrators and financial managers:

  • See exactly how much work has been done on a project or milestone in any given period and how much it cost, broken down by issue or team member.
  • Set an hourly cost for each team member.

System administrators:

  • Install Ketura on a single Mac or PC. Team members then access Ketura from anywhere on your network with just a standards-compliant web browser.

Support included

Araxis offers free support during your trial period, and for the first year after you buy Ketura. After that, you can choose to renew support for a modest annual fee, giving you continued access to Araxis support staff and the latest product updates.