Araxis offers no-cost licences and upgrades of its products to bona fide contributors to Open Source projects.

These licences are provided to specific individuals under the usual terms of our EULA and may not be transferred to another party. However, they are not otherwise restricted. For example, they may be used in a commercial setting.

Who qualifies?

Any individual who can provide publicly accessibly evidence that they have contributed in a meaningful way to an Open Source project within the last three years qualifies. Suitable evidence may include:

  • The project’s official website or release notes mentioning you as a current or recent contributor;
  • A changeset on the project’s publicly available source code repository that was authored or committed by you;
  • Your being listed as an author of the project’s documentation.


Araxis products incorporate various Open Source libraries (as documented in the legal notices for each product), and our infrastructure runs primarily on FreeBSD, an Open Source operating sytem.

This is our way of showing our appreciation to the community of Open Source contributors.


Please contact Araxis with a link to the evidence showing that you are an Open Source contributor. Don’t forget to tell us which product or products you’d like.

This offer is limited to one licence of each product per person. Araxis reserves the right to grant or refuse licences at its discretion.

Free licences for bona fide contributors to Open Source projects.